Catella verkauft Nordic Fixed Income

Catella has signed an agreement with Arctic Securities AS to sell all shares in its subsidiary Nordic Fixed Income AB. 

Catella owns 55 percent of the shares in Nordic Fixed Income AB. Arctic’s acquisition is conditional upon an ownership assessment that is expected to be completed during the third quarter of 2015. The purchase price, which is based on the company’s equity, will be established at the time of transfer. Based on the results for the first quarter, the effect on Catella’s earnings would be marginally positive.

„We will continue to provide our clients with financing solutions as an integral part of our other advisory activities,“ says Knut Pedersen, President and CEO at Catella.

Nordic Fixed Income is a minor operation and is part of Catella’s Swedish Corporate Finance activities. The company has 11 employees in Sweden and operates under the Nordic Fixed Income brand. Following the sale, Nordic Fixed Income will become part of Arctic Securities AS, which is an independent Norwegian investment bank.